Hi, I am Nicole Avagliano.

I am a Central Coast NSW Based Photographer. I have had a passion for Photography from as far back as High School around 9 years ago when I was able to take a Photography Class.

I established my business in 2015 when I was formally known as Leighs Web Design, doing Freelance Graphic Design for businesses e.g. (Designing Websites, Logos, Flyers, Business Cards) etc, doing Diploma Courses in both Web Development & Graphic Design.

As I enjoyed taking the Photography class in High School, I decided I would like to do this as a career. After completing a few Photography courses and having my family & friends support, I was able to gain experience doing some free events for them in which helped me start my portfolio.

I eventually changed my Business name to Nicole's Captured Moments focusing on Photography & Graphic Design as I now dabble in both, I am happy to have a ever-expanding clientele which has been growing strongly.

I was given the opportunity to have one of my photographs that was selected to be hung up in The Art House in Wyong NSW for the Exposure 2017 Central Coast Photographic Prize, which was later sold to a lovely family!

I have also had the opportunity to feature some of my photographs digitally in 3 Exhibitions around the world - in Budapest, Hungary and Melbourne, Australia and also Thessaloniki, Greece!

Thank you!